The mission of First Baptist Church is to minister to our congregation, the community, and the world so all may experience the love and grace of God.

Recent Sermons

Season of Gods Favor

Dec. 14, 2014: “The Season of God’s Favor – Joy”

Isaiah 61:1-11 When bad things happen to us, the best thing someone an do to help is make us feel special again.  In this passage from Isaiah the prophet tells the people of Judah that God is going to do just that for them as they rebuild the ruins of their cities.  What kind of […]

Season of Gods Favor

Dec. 7, 2014: “The Season of God’s Favor – Honor”

Mark 1:1-8 Have you ever been visited by someone you respect or admire greatly?  This week’s passage talks about people preparing for Jesus’ coming by getting their lives in order.  They were preparing for the honor of God’s own presence.  What would it mean for God to honor you?  Isn’t it always supposed to be […]

Season of Gods Favor

Nov. 30, 2014: “The Season of God’s Favor – Restoration”

The Advent theme for 2014 is “The Season of God’s Favor.” We will focus on the coming of Christ as an expression of God’s favor towards us.  In the Gospel of Luke, Jesus describes his own coming as the fulfillment of the prophet Isaiah’s promise that God will give long-suffering Jews a time of Jubilee.  […]


Nov. 23, 2014: “Thanks for Saying Thanks” – Rev. Jim Middleton

Luke 17:11-19 When it comes to Thanksgiving most of us are divided into two groups:  those who take things for granted and those who take things with gratitude.  Our hope this week will be to increase the number of us who take things with a deep feeling of gratitude.  I know it isn’t always easy […]

Asleep at the Wheel

Nov. 16, 2014: “Don’t Fall Asleep at the Wheel”

1 Thessalonians 5:1-11 Are you on auto-pilot spiritually? In this week’s passage Paul reminds his readers to always be prepared for what God may do next.  He says God will move like a thief in the night.  God will not leave us behind, but we should keep our hands on the wheel, from a spiritual […]