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  • Fat Tuesday 2/28, Pancake Supper, 5 - 7 pm
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The mission of First Baptist Church is to minister to our congregation, the community, and the world so all may experience the love and grace of God.

Recent Sermons

Feb. 12, 2017: “You Are Something!”

I Cor. 2:1-12; Matt. 5:13-20 In the movie, Analyze This, there’s a line repeated again and again by the two main characters: “You are something!”  “You are something!” I want to fill in the blanks of what that something is because you are something. Don’t take this the wrong way because this is not a group […]

Feb. 5, 2017: “Clashing Beatitudes”

Micah 6:1-8; Matthew 5:1-12 “What is a human being for?” asks Wendell Berry. There are a variety of answers.  During Super Bowl Media Day, a boy had fought through the media throng, was face to face with Pete Carroll, and asked if the coach had any advice.  “Wherever you want to go, you just keep […]

Jan. 29, 2017: “The Hackers of the Gospel”

Matthew 4:12-23 The Gospel of Jesus has been hacked. Our memory of how Christians in the past have lived, our memory of what it actually means to be Christian, is being systematically deleted. The hackers have implanted a “virus” in the mainframe of Christianity. Only a few have noticed – theologians mostly. But almost no […]