The mission of First Baptist Church is to minister to our congregation, the community, and the world so all may experience the love and grace of God.

Recent Sermons

Everything is New

June 21, 2015 (Video) : “Everything Has Become New”

2 Corinthians 5:12-27 Have you ever had an event in your life that completely changed the way you look at everything? In this week’s passage Paul tells us that coming to faith in Jesus changes our entire point of view.  In fact, he says we become a new creation when we believe in Jesus.

Jim Hope

June 14, 2015 (Video): “What Are We Hoping For?”

Romans 8:22-27 Christians are fond of saying we hope in God.  But what exactly do we hope for? Eternal life? A more godly life now? What about those who are suffering with illness or disability? In this passage Paul reminds us that we don’t always know what to hope for.  Sometimes God’s Spirit within us […]


June 7, 2015 (Audio only): “Jesus – the Family Guy”

Mark 3:31-35 Some people have referred to the Christian faith in terms of “family values,” that we emphasize the importance of marriage, raising children responsibly, and caring for elderly relatives.  But during this ministry Jesus uses the image of family to describe the depth of commitment we have to other Christians.

Phil Ladd

May 31, 2015 (Video): “Whosoever” Rev. Dr. Phil Ladd

John 3:1-17 Our passage includes one of the most famous verses of all of scripture – John 3:16.  In this passage we discover the all-inclusive love of  God.  “Whosoever” describes whom God offers his love, kingdom, and salvation to.  It doesn’t matter who you are or what you have done in the past – God’s […]