Please feel free to grab a cup of coffee in Fellowship Hall, say hello to your friends, and then join us for our Sunday School class. Sunday School begins at 11:15 a.m., following morning worship and fellowship time. Here you will find spiritual enrichment, friendships, support, and opportunities to share common experiences with others on a similar journey of faith.

Beginning April 3rd and continuing through May 22nd:

christian cut the crap“CHRISTIAN, CUT THE CRAP AND GROW UP” Leader (and author) Rev. Dr. Phillip Ladd in the Chapel

This book study will examine difficult issues that the church needs to face to be relevant to the world today. These include issues such as homosexuality, immigration, role of women, respect of other religions, and divorce, along with a view of Revelations that will encourage that “we stop the Apocalypse and save the earth.”

Phil is an ordained minister and pastoral counselor. He has ministered at churches in Minnesota and Illinois. Since 1991, he has ministered as a pastoral counselor/psychotherapist.

Phil is giving away a free copy of the book to the first ten people to sign-up for the class.

The book is available on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble internet sites.