Matt. 21:1-11

It’s probably a sign of old age that I watch the Weather Channel and often ask, “What do you think about this weather?” as the   opening line of a conversation.  After all, Randy Travis sings, “As long as old men sit and talk about the weather, as long as old   women sit and talk about old men.”

In late October, 1991, the weather forecaster alerted her audience to a cold front moving along the U.S.-Canada border.  “This       incoming low-pressure system will create a strong disturbance throughout New England.  There’s a large high-pressure system building over the Maritime Provinces of southeastern Canada.  As the two systems collide it will create what we are calling a ‘Halloween Nor’easter.’  We also have to keep a close eye on a hurricane coming in from the Atlantic packing an unbelievable amount of tropical energy into this volatile mix.”  Perhaps you  already know that I’m talking about the book and movie, “Perfect Storm.”  There was a fishing boat, named the Andrea Gail, caught in the convergence of all these forces of nature (N. T. Wright).

Our text is about a perfect storm.  Organized religious power and organized political power converged on Jerusalem on Passover A.D. 30, and Jesus arrived in the middle of it all — riding on a donkey. Additional lectionary reading: Psalm 118:1-2, 19-29.