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May 14, 2017: “Theology and Twitter!”

Mark 6:6b-13 Mark tells us how Christianity started. Jesus sent out his twelve disciples in this radical itinerant ministry. He sent them into the   villages and cities. They went without protection and without economic security. He gave them a message: Tell people to change the way they are living and enter the kingdom of God. […]

May 7, 2017: “I Shall Not Want”

Psalm 23 is a panoramic view of the long march of human history set to music.  This is our story in poetic expression.  Life is a journey, and you have never been where you are going before.  Maybe   you think that all you need is a GPS, but you might want to think again.  The […]

April 30, 2017: “How Jesus ‘Easters’ In Us”

Luke 24:13-35 Set the scene: Two disciples of Jesus, not two of the twelve, but of the second band of followers, are on the road to a place called   Emmaus.  A SCATTERING OF DISCIPLES AND A REGATHERING BY THE GOOD SHEPHERD.  Luke says Emmaus was seven miles from Jerusalem.  Archaeologists have never uncovered a town […]

April 9, 2017: “A Perfect Storm”


Matt. 21:1-11 It’s probably a sign of old age that I watch the Weather Channel and often ask, “What do you think about this weather?” as the   opening line of a conversation.  After all, Randy Travis sings, “As long as old men sit and talk about the weather, as long as old   women sit and […]

April 2, 2017: “God is Good”


Mark 4:1-32 This is a sermon about God and God’s goodness. The church should trust the goodness of the Lord! God is good! God is good! God is good all the time! Mark 4 is about God’s goodness wrapped in first century farming practices. Mark 4 opens with the parable of the farmer slinging seed […]

March 19, 2017: “Water from Rock”


Exodus 17:1-7, John 4:5-42 Questions explode in desert air.  The preacher fires first: “Why do you quarrel with me?”  “Why do you test the Lord?”  The people retort: “Why did you bring us out of Egypt to kill us?”  Then the preacher appeals to the Lord: “What shall I do with this               people?”  And then […]

March 12, 2017: “Born Again?”


American revivalism has often been informed by the idea of being “born again.” A frequent question that you would face back in the 1970’s was “Are you born again?” The question is unsettling. Jesus, in the Greek text, actually says “born from above.” The idea is a metaphor that is only one way of talking […]

March 5, 2017: “One Strategy for Resistance”


Matt 4:1-11 Lent in counter-cultural.  The Old Testament lesson for Ash Wednesday sounds strange in American churches:  “Return to me with all your heart,” says the Lord, “with fasting, with weeping, and with mourning.”  Where would our happy, happy, happy religion put that verse in the Order of Worship?  You can’t get more counter-cultural than […]

Feb. 26, 2017: “The Grand Encourager”


The story of the transfiguration baffles and humbles my mind. I tell you this because I want you to just pay attention and notice what happens! Jesus was transfigured and his face shone like the sun, and his clothes became dazzling white.  I don’t know if it’s fact, metaphor, or myth.  There appeared to him […]