Sermons by Rev. Dr. Phil Ladd

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June 11, 2017: “Call to Communicate”


The sermon deals with the Great Commission to Jesus’ disciples . Here he calls them to be witnesses of what he had taught them about his teachings. In doing this, he encourages them to make disciples. The sermon discusses how this may apply to us today as we attempt to make disciples by sharing his love […]

May 28: “See My Hands and Feet”


Before His Ascension into heaven, Jesus again tried to clear up the disciples’ doubts and fears by showing them his hands and feet. As we attempt to move beyond our doubts and fears, we hopefully learn to trust the disciples’ account of seeing the resurrected Christ’s hands and feet. As we work through this, we […]

April 23, 2017: “Learn to Doubt Your Doubts”


John 20:19-31; 1Peter 1:3-9 Reflecting on the doubts of the Apostle Thomas, we look at the importance of recognizing our doubts.  Doubt can be an effective tool for our faith.  However, we also need to come to a place where working with our doubts – we begin to also doubt our doubts.  Doubt seems like […]