The community of First Baptist is found in large gatherings at church and in the more intimate settings of small groups. Small groups meet in a variety of locations, including homes of members. One need not be a member of First Baptist to join a group.

Small groups at FBC provide opportunities for spiritual growth, learning, support, and fellowship. Small groups focus on a particular topic, Bible study, or common interest. They also provide a space for connections, mutual care, and growth within the larger church community.

Groups for as interest in a topic builds. The variety and diversity of these studies reflect the makeup of our church membership. From 20-something to 90-something, small group members come together around the shared desire to grow spiritually in a community-based way.

A high level of commitment is seen in all the groups, and members appreciate the depths that can be explored during this extended time. Although the investment is great, many agree that the rewards are much greater!

New this year –

Dining Out: Meeting on the 4th Friday of the month to dine out at a moderately priced restaurants.  Guests are welcome. Check out the church newsletter and our Facebook page for current meeting details.  Leader is Jen Dusek

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