First Baptist Church Sunday Services

We are currently conducting in-person Sunday Worship Services, but also streaming them virtually on Facebook and here on the Home page of our website.

If you Plan to Attend in Person Call or Email to Make Reservations 
at or 309-682-5491.
Engaging Minds & Hearts

Our Worship Services

Apologies: Today’s service will not be live. The Internet is out at the church.

You will be able to find the services on our Sermons Page, after they are published to Facebook later in the day.

This space shows our service LIVE on Facebook.

If you are not seeing the service, please refresh your page.
(That is the little circle with an arrow in your address bar. Sometimes it takes a couple tries.)

Occasionally the connection has to be reset and I can’t tell that until the FB lives starts. I will endeavor to fix that as quickly as I can.

Watch this space for our next Facebook Live.

These are recent FACEBOOK LIVE services.

These are RECENT live Videos.

Chris & Renny Blancaflor
Chris & Rennie Blancaflor
‘I'm Chris. This was the church
I grew up in. When I married Rennie
the church embraced him too.
We’ve always felt welcomed,
loved and accepted here!’
Janet Middleton
Janet Middleton
‘It isn't easy to be a preacher's kid.
But First Baptist Church was
a non-judgemental,
extended family to me!’
Chris Hall
Chris Hall
‘I came to First Baptist Church
because my family did.
But now First Baptist
is my family.’
Tim & Lisa Austin Testimonial
Tim & Lisa Austin
‘At its very best church becomes
a touchstone. A community.
A home away from home. And
certainly First Baptist Church
is that for us.’
Terra Burmood
‘I feel at home at First Baptist.
Everyone is warm and accepting.
I can be myself and live an
authentic life in a church like this!’
Engaging Minds & Hearts

Engaging minds and hearts.

Social Justice Source Materials


A Different Kind of Baptist Church!

There are a lot of churches out there. At First Baptist we do our best to be a loving, inclusive, merciful, community of faith.
  • If you are looking for a church that wants you to ask questions and to read the Bible with both your brain and heart, then come visit.
  • If you are looking for a church that chooses mercy over judgment, equality over prejudice, and mystery over certainty, then come visit.
  • If you are looking for a church that cares about embracing all people as image-bearers of God, then come visit.
  • If you have doubt, fear, or pain, you are not alone. We have all those things too.
Come visit and we will find hope, freedom, and healing together.
Perhaps First Baptist is the church you have been looking for.