May 2017

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“Proclaiming God” Acts 17:16-34

by judy

May 21, 2017 Sermon by The Rev. Dr. Rodney Kennedy Paul stood in front of the Areopagus.[1] This was a prominent rock outcropping of the Acropolis where what amounts to the Greek senate held debates, and murder trials were conducted. Let’s not miss the connection between the Athenian “rock” and the Jerusalem “rock” of Golgotha, […]

“Theology and Twitter!”

by judy

Mark 6:6b-13   Here’s the story of how the church got started. Jesus sent out his twelve disciples in this radical itinerant ministry. He sent them into the villages and cities. They went without protection and without economic security. He gave them a message: Tell people to change the way they are living and enter […]

“I Shall Not Want”

by judy

Psalm 23 Right off the bat, the conflict of the ages ensues as Moses the shepherd takes on Pharaoh, first of a long line of what can only be called beast-kings. Lest you think I’m being overdramatic, remember that ancient shepherds fought bears and lions to protect their sheep. Moses vs. Pharaoh could teach Luke […]

“How Jesus ‘Easters’ in Us”

by judy

 Luke 24:13-35   A group of scholars were asked to identify the most fundamental need in the life of the church. Ellen Davis, one of the biblical scholars says of this meeting, “We agreed on the most fundamental need, namely, to learn again to read and teach the Bible confessionally within mainstream Christianity.”[1] Yes. I […]