June 2017

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“Imagining the Church” – Rev. Dr. Rodney Kennedy

by judy

    “Communities are to be distinguished,” says Benedict Anderson, “by the style in which they are imagined.” The church existed as imagination before it was reality. I am about to invite all of you to re-imagine the church based on the teachings of the Gospel, the communion of saints across the ages, and the inspiration of […]

    “Excel in Empathy”

    by judy

      By Rev. Dr. Rodney Kennedy II Corinthians 8:7-15   Paul believes the church should excel in everything. How’s that for a church’s job description? This is what is expected of a senior pastor. Most churches are looking for superman and have to settle for strange flightless “birds” like me. Still the church seems to say, […]

      Reflections on Peace and Violence

      by judy

        By Rev. Dr. Rodney Kennedy The recent shooting in Alexandria, Virginia of members of Congress, capital police, and congressional staff members left me shaken. I thought that I should make some attempt at a pastoral response for you, my beloved congregation. Here are the words I wrote on the morning of June 14th. I offer […]

        Taking the Bible Seriously – Rev. Dr. Rodney Kennedy

        by judy

          Dr. Marvin McMickle has a sermon called “How Much of Leviticus Do You Really Want?” He says, “If I hear one more preacher tell me about Lev. 18:22, by itself, I will just scream.” Well, I agree with him. I’m tired of one-verse theology. Tired of it. It’s dishonest. It’s disconnected from the rest of […]

          Looking for a Summer Project? – Rev. Dr. Rodney Kennedy

          by judy

            If you are looking for a summer project, I invite you to take the summer session of Seminary for Seniors: Exploring the Bible. Register by calling the church office. We are going to spend some time investigating the art of reading Scripture. The class meets every other week. The class will meet on Thursday evenings […]