July 2017

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“Long Live the Weeds” – by Rev. Dr. Rod Kennedy

by judy

    Sermon from July 23, 2017 Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43 In case you’ve not been paying attention, the sermon is an exercise in telling the truth about the way things really are and it is all right to laugh here and there. With those parameters, let’s turn our attention to the parable of Jesus about weeds. Our […]

    “A Generous God” – Sermon 7/16/17

    by judy

      By Rev. Dr. Rodney Kennedy Matthew 13:1-9 “The kingdom of God is like” farmer sowing seed in ditches, creeks, dirt roads, rock piles, and down the center stripe of I-74 between Peoria and Bloomington. This is crazy. Is the farmer drunk? Has he lost all best farming practices? Well, the story is about God and […]

      Some Days I’m Liberal; Some Days I’m Conservative

      by judy

        by Rev. Dr. Rodney W. Kennedy Are you frustrated over the attempts of some preachers to define what it means to be Christian with secular political labels? Will we ever get it through our heads that God is not the exclusive property of politicians or preachers? Can the church sweep the labels out the back […]

        “Everybody’s A Critic” – Rev. Dr. Rodney Kennedy

        by judy

           Matthew 11:16-19, 25-30 Jesus asks, “But to what will I compare this generation?” Jesus, our Jesus, was a cultural critic long before cultural theory was invented. He offers radical critique of his culture and if we pay attention, of ours as well. Today, everybody’s a critic. The message of Jesus has been drowned in the […]