August 2017

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“Selling Out or Standing Up” – Sermon 8/6/17

by judy

By: Rev. Dr. Rodney Kennedy The stories of Joseph are stories of survival, compromise, intrigue, lies, resentment, but also courage, truth, and conviction. His life has more ups and downs than a roller coaster at Disney World. Here is Pharaoh and Joseph – the dark side.  The story is about power and truth. This is […]

“A Mustard Seed Faith Is Enough” Matthew 13:31-33 – Sermon 7/30/17

by judy

By: Rev. Dr. Rodney W. Kennedy There are two movements in American Christianity that appear to have nothing to do with one another, but between the two of them they are making a mess of our faith: the prosperity gospel and creationism. The parable of the mustard seed deals with both of these issues in […]