November 2017

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“Story Defeats Idolatry” – Nov. 12, 2017 sermon

by judy

    Joshua 24 and Psalm 78 This sermon struggles to name the difficulty of Veteran’s Day in the context of Christian worship. I believe that the church, as a peace community, has to offer an alternative to the unfettered, blind, and emotional patriotism of our day. It seems that too many churches have sold their souls […]

    “Crossing Your Jordan” (Nov. 5 sermon)

    by judy

      Joshua 3:1-17 Interstate driving bores me. Get off any exit and you could be anywhere in the country. When I see a sign that says there’s a river coming up, it makes my heart beat a little faster. I love to look at the river as I cross the bridge. What really irritates is when […]

      “Old Testament Saints for All Saints’ Day” (Oct. 29 sermon)

      by judy

        Ruth 1 This Sunday we celebrate All Saint’s Day which is a much more important day than Halloween but in some ways even scarier. Why scary? Because All Saints Day reminds us of the cosmic nature of our faith. We are connected with all those who went before us and kept the faith and protected […]

        Visions and Dreams are Happening at FBC Peoria

        by judy

          Have you ever noticed how much goes on in dreams and visions in the Bible? Centuries before psychology was even a thought in the human brain, major events are depicted in the visions and dreams of God’s people. Abraham, Jacob, Elijah, Samuel, the prophets, Daniel, Joseph, old man Zechariah in the Temple, Stephen, Paul the apostle, […]