December 2017

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“Living As People Who Are Awake” (Sermon 12/10/17)

by judy

    Sermon by The Rev. Dr. Rodney Wallace Kennedy Timothy is in his study in Thessalonika, where he is bishop of Macedonia. It is A.D. 96, and Timothy is under terrific pressure to record his version of the Sacred Story, since, far in the future, a cyberpunk (the Hacker) has been systematically destroying the tapes that […]

    Conversations with the Bible – with The Rev. Dr. Rodney Wallace Kennedy

    by judy

      You are invited to a conversation about the Bible readings for next Sunday. At 11:15 a.m., in the Chapel, we will meet for 30 minutes to talk together about the readings of Scripture for the following Sunday. The scripture readings for each Sunday are printed here in the newsletter. Your task is to read the […]

      “Wake Up!” (12/3/17 sermon)

      by judy

        Sermon by the Rev. Dr. Rodney Wallace Kennedy Mark 13:24-37 We have a difficult text. It requires background to help us understand. Background is not usually all that interesting for people who just want the preacher to get to it and wrap it up in a nice short package, but if we are going to […]

        Advent Theme: The Season of Awakening

        by judy

          Advent opens the Christian year. December 3, the first day of Advent, is New Year’s Day for Christmas. Our big story about Jesus begins here. Advent is a season of four weeks including four Sundays. The word comes from the Latin adventus, which means “coming.” Here at First Baptist Peoria our Advent theme is THE […]

          Is America A Righteous Nation? (Sermon 11/26/17)

          by judy

            ¬†Matthew 25:31-46 A sermon by The Rev. Dr. Rodney Wallace Kennedy Matthew makes us face whether or not we are a righteous nation. Many Americans assume we are righteous. They claim we were founded as a Christian nation and that we are a Christian nation. Some go so far as to claim that America is […]

            Talents: Money or Gifts? (Sermon 11/19/17)

            by judy

              ¬†Matthew 25:14-30 A sermon by The Rev. Dr. Rodney Wallace Kennedy The parable of the talents is about money. Since the church doesn’t really want anyone to know what people actually believe about money, we have spread the rumor that we shouldn’t talk about money. Well, I am not having any of it this morning. […]