March 2018

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“We Have A High Priest” FBC Sermon (3/18/18)

by judy

    There’s a song in Gershwin’s opera, Porgy and Bess, called “It Ain’t Necessarily So.”   Old Jonah he lived in a whale Old Jonah he lived in a whale he made his home in that fish’s abdomen, Old Jonah he lived in a whale. Methuselah lived nine hundred years Methuselah lived nine hundred years but what’s good a’livin when […]

    Snake on A Stick; Savior on A Cross – FBC Sermon (3/11/18)

    by judy

        Rev. Dr. Rodney Kennedy Numbers 21:4-9 Ephesians 2:1-10 John 3:14-21  There are snakes in the camp. In the kitchen sink. In the bathtub. In the beds. Under the blankets. Snakes! What a story. This is no bedtime story for children. This is even more awful than your mother teaching you to pray, “And if […]

      Commandments and a Temple – FBC Sermon (3/4/18)

      by judy

        By Rev. Dr. Rodney Kennedy Exodus 20:1-17; John 2: 15-22 The Ten Commandments and Jesus chasing the moneychangers from the Temple  – the odd couple? What gives? The Ten Commandments suffer from bad reviews: Judgmental, moralistic, old-fogey rules, a huge burden. It’s like a film getting a horrible review but wins the Oscar. The Ten […]

        How Not to Be Satan – FBC Sermon 2/25/18

        by judy

          Mark 8:31-38 Legend says that as Shoeless Joe Jackson was leaving the courthouse during the trial of the Chicago Black Sox, as they were known, a young boy begged of him, “Say it ain’t so, Joe.” Well, Jesus 31began to teach his disciples that the Son of Man must undergo great suffering, be killed, and […]

          Once Upon a Flood – FBC Sermon 2/18/18

          by judy

            Genesis 7:1-5; Genesis 9:8-17; I Peter 3:18-22   I have found Noah’s Ark. Strangely it’s in Williamstown, Kentucky. I’m sure this is a surprise to Noah and to you. Who knew that Noah’s Ark had come to rest in Williamstown Kentucky? You know, of course, that I’m pulling your leg, and I am referring to […]