As I See It #9

Today my column is about my  favorite sport, baseball, not baseball in general but one particular  player in particular.  I am referring to Jim Thome.  In Peoria we proudly claim him as our own.  On Wednesday, in his first year of eligibility he was  elected to the baseball Hall of Fame.  It couldn’t have happened […]

As I See It #8

Currently I  am reading  the book Prayer by Philip Yancey.  I had read it when it first was published in 2006  and found it to be very helpful.  In reading it again it becomes even more helpful.  I want to begin my column today  with a quote from the book:  “Why pray?  Evidently God likes […]

As I See It #7

I have promised to take off the masks I have sometimes worn in my life.  I have said that at times I will be very personal in writing these columns.  Today is one of those days.           I begin by suggesting  that all of us are on a journey.  Our journey […]

As I See It – #6

If you read my columns you will discover that among other interests I am an avid sports fan. I like almost all sports. However my five favorite sports would be: baseball, football, basketball, hockey and golf. For my column today I turn to football. Nick Saban is the coach of the University of Alabama football […]

As I See It – #5

Today is the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. Some will observe it. Some will ignore it. I will celebrate. Martin Luther King is one of my heroes and I need all the heroes I can find It is an unhappy country that has no heroes. It is an unhappy country that needs heroes. Heroes […]

As I See It – #3

This past week I went to see the movie “Darkest Hour.” It deals with the war years Winston Churchill served as Prime Minister. It renewed my thoughts about Churchill. From the time I was ten years old he had been my hero. He continues to be a hero to me. I saw him only once […]

As I See It – #2

Rev. Jim Middleton For most of my life I have been on a quest, a quest to find meaning in my life. After serving in the army in World War II during which I experienced a side of life I didn’t know even existed I entered Bucknell University. Soon after arriving there I began to […]

As I See It – #1

Rev. Jim Middleton With the coming of a new year I begin a new chapter in my life. As 2017 came to a close I decided I would no longer continue my preaching ministry. For 72 years I had the high privilege of preaching the good news of Jesus Christ. I thank God for those […]