By Rob Collins

We carry around many different images of God. Some people view God as a ruler, others as an observer. Some view God as a righteous
judge or caring father. Some people experience God as a strong mother or a powerful creative Spirit. We receive these various views from scripture, life experiences, and tradition. In this season of Lent as we travel toward the cross and prepare for Easter, we shall explore the vision of God as Rescuer.

The Old Testament (as we tend to call it) drives toward this idea from the beginning. The calling of Abraham, the escape from Egypt,the words of the prophets, all of it leads to a grand rescue culminating in the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus the Christ. God sets out to rescue that which God created and loves dearly. It’s like a thread of connection found throughout scripture, all of it hinting at the real mission and intention of scripture. “Operation Rescue” is like the grand plan of God for all of creation.

March 6th will kick off the season of lent with an Ash Wednesday service in the sanctuary at 6:30 p.m. Lenten dinners will take place the following four Wednesdays, also at 6:30 p.m. We will be exploring the calling of “Radical Hospitality” and how we can live it out in our church and community and, of course, we will have incredible worship throughout the Lenten season leading to Easter. You can find the Lenten / Easter schedule below.

  • March 6 – Ash Wednesday Service
  • March 10 – Sunday Sermon: Soul Selling and Test Beating
  • March 13 – Lenten Dinner
  • March 17 – Sunday Sermon: They Appeared in Glory
  • March 20 – Lenten Dinner
  • March 24 – Sunday Sermon: Reclaiming Repentance
  • March 27 – Lenten Dinner
  • March 31 – Sunday Sermon: We Had to Celebrate
  • April 3 – Lenten Dinner
  • April 7 – Sunday Sermon: A Perfume of Great Cost
  • April 14 – Palm Sunday
  • April 19 – Good Friday Service
  • April 21 – Easter

Kid’s Connection – April 7

First Baptist has a fun new way for your kids to plug in! April 7th during the Contemporary Issues class after church, kids from birth-5th grade will meet for Kid’s Connection! During Kid’s Connection, kids will dive into a bible study followed by a snack and fun activity. This month’s theme will be “Popping into Scripture”. This time also serves as childcare for adult Sunday School time. We look forward to this time together!