Today we honor The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., America’s prophet. Monday, January 15, is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Americans of various and sundry ideas still debate whether or not to have a holiday in memory of Dr. King. I have no such misgivings, and I am privileged to honor one of the great saints of God and one of America’s greatest heroes.
The best way to mute a martyr’s message is to give him a holiday, build him a statue, and before you know it his memory is cheapened with sales at the mall – the American anti-church. It’s easier to go shopping than it is to “save the soul of America.” When the Southern Christian Leadership Conference was founded in 1957, it adopted the motto “To save the soul of America.” Well, if America’s soul is to be saved, it will not happen at the mall, the football stadium, or your local watering hole. And it surely will not happen in Congress. I agree with President Teddy Roosevelt: “At the roll call in the Senate, members should answer ‘Guilty’ rather than ‘Present.’”