The season of Lent invites us to turn inward and reflect on the depth of human sin. The Exodus reading reminds us forcefully that we are far too casual about God’s commandments and so apt to change commandments, temples, and churches into objects of our own idolatry. The fourth gospel’s account of Jesus’ cleansing of the Temple indicates that sin abounds in the very places where holiness should be most evident. Jesus’ criticism of the money changers is not an unworldly assertion that money has no place in a place of worship. It is a prophetic act that points out how money is supposed to serve the cause of promoting faith, whereas in this case religious practice has been enlisted for the service of making money, and at the expense of vulnerable people. Just as sin infects theholiest of places, so it infects every aspect of our lives–as Paul ruefully says, “For I do not do what I want, but I do the very thing I hate.” What are the ways you see sin manifesting in your own life? Where are the places you encounter God’s grace?