Joshua 24 and Psalm 78

Prelude to sermon: I invite you to the story of Joshua 24 and the exhortation of Psalm 78 for us to be storytellers.  I do this in the full knowledge of the challenge of postmodern philosophy     that all BIG stories (metanarratives) are suspect, power grabs, abusive and oppressive.  Postmodernism is itself a       metanarrative, and as Christians we have a metanarrative—the Jesus story— and we believe that it is liberating.  I read Who Is Afraid of Postmodernism and What Would Jesus Deconstruct? in preparation for the sermon.  I also reviewed, a rare book published in 2001, The Creative Power of Metaphor, that I wrote for some help with the power of story to create character and community. Consider with me the potential power of story to form our lives of faith.