Matthew 22:15-22, Psalm 99

An act of imagination opens Psalm 99: The Lord sits enthroned upon the cherubim. The cherubim are powerful creatures.  Two cherubim, with flaming swords, are left to guard the Garden of Eden.  Ezekiel describes them as four-headed scary creatures worthy of any horror movie.  The psalmist has entered the sanctuary and the first image that fills his eyes, mind, and heart: The Lord is in the house upheld by the best security team in the universe!

The psalmist refers to worship at the footstool of God and at the holy mountain of God.  Worship only at the footstool, the foot of the mountain, will not suffice.  We can get satisfied with footstool worship. When that happens we will no longer hunger and thirst for righteousness. We will no longer see God because instead of pure hearts we will have dulled hearts. We will stop striving first for the kingdom of God and God’s righteousness. Worship at the footstool can be deadly. It is what Soren Kierkegaard may have meant when he said “The church will die from boredom.”