Dec 1, 2019: “When Swords Become Plowshares”

When Swords become Ploughshares - First Baptist Church of Peoria - Change The World

“When Swords Become Plowshares” – Isaiah 2:1-5 Isaiah has a vision of a new world where everything changes for the better. Let us explore that vision and anticipate the coming of Immanuel.

June 2, 2019: “The Ascension of Christ”

Ascension Of Christ - DR Rob Collins - First Baptist Church of Peoria

The Ascension of Christ Luke 24:44-53 Often overlooked for more provocative events like the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus, the ascension of Christ is a profound moment in Christian history. It leaves us wondering what kind of resurrected body could do this. What does this mean for my life? Why would Jesus leave in the […]

May 26, 2019: “The Practice of Gratitude”

Gratitude Changes Everything - First Baptist Church of Peoria

The Practice of Gratitude Psalm 67 Sometimes we need to practice gratitude in our lives, offering thanks for the flowers that bloom and the bees that buzz about. Practicing gratitude can be the thing that gets you through impossibly tough experiences in life!

May 19, 2019: “Join the Creation Chorus”

Join the Creation Chorus - first Baptist Church of Peoria

Join the Creation Chorus Psalm 128 We are all invited to join with all of Creation in the chorus of God’s immaculate love. The presence of a loving community is essential to a healthy life. Thus we must heed Jesus’ command to love each other.

May 12, 2019: “Allow Yourself to be Led”

Letting Christ Lead - First Baptist Church of Peoria

Psalm 23 Finding restoration and healing for our souls is of vast importance. You can’t allow fear or anger to rule your life. The only way out is to allow the Shepherd to lead you to a place of peace.

May 5, 2019: “Turn Your Mourning Into Dancing”

Turn Mourning Into Dancing - First Baptist Church of Peoria

Psalm 30 When we experience extreme mourning it can feel like an inescapable pit. Psalm 30 calls on us to keep moving because God has laid a path before us. And this path will lead to healing, hope, and joyous dancing.

April 28, 2019: “I’ll Believe It When I See It.”

Apostle Thomas The Doubter - First Baptist Church of Peoria

“I’ll Believe It when I See It” John 20:19-23 Thomas refuses to believe the testimony of his friends. He has to see it for himself. Most of us carry this same attitude in our lives. But when he does finally see Jesus, everything changes!

April 21, 2019: “They Found the Stone Rolled Away”

They Found The Stone Rolled Away - First Baptist Church of Peoria

“They Found the Stone Rolled Away” Psalm 150:1-6 The disciples weep in a dark room. The followers are scattered in their fear. The enemies of Jesus smile in their victory. But the stone is rolling away and the women have come to witness the event that will change the world. Resurrection is coming; and we […]