April 21, 2019: “They Found the Stone Rolled Away”

They Found The Stone Rolled Away - First Baptist Church of Peoria

“They Found the Stone Rolled Away” Psalm 150:1-6 The disciples weep in a dark room. The followers are scattered in their fear. The enemies of Jesus smile in their victory. But the stone is rolling away and the women have come to witness the event that will change the world. Resurrection is coming; and we […]

April 14, 2019: “Risk Everything for Peace”

Jesus Entering Jeruselem - First Baptist Church of Peoria

“Risk Everything for Peace” Psalm 118:19-24 Jesus enters Jerusalem with singing, shouts of acclamation, and not a little bit of controversy. The pharisees are perturbed at the commotion of it all and want it to stop. But he real question is, are we willing to follow Jesus on this journey along the narrow path? We’ll […]

March 31, 2019: “We Had to Celebrate”

We Had to Celebrate - First Baptist Church of Peoria

We Had to Celebrate Luke 15:11-32, Psalm 32:1-8 There was a huge celebration for the son who finally came home. Everyone was invited. While the whole party raged on, the father and older son stood outside conversing. Join us as we explore what it means to celebrate and to be invited to that celebration.

March 24, 2019: “Reclaiming Repentance”

Repentence - First Baptist Church of Peoria

“Reclaiming Repentance” Luke 13:1-9, Psalm 63:1-8 The word ‘repentance” has fallen out of favor for most people. Understandably, when the church uses it to control people, those people aren’t going to like the word or its meaning. But repentance was always meant to be some-thing that made our lives better, not worse. The time has […]

March 10, 2019: “Soul Selling and Test Beating”

Temptation Of Jesus Mt. Temptation - First Baptist Church of Peoria

‘Soul Selling and Test Beating’ In this sermon, we explore the temptation of Christ. There are a lot of “buyers” for your heart, but Jesus shows us that when you read the fine print, they offer nothing deserving of such value.  

March 3, 2019: “The God Who Rescues”

The God Who Rescues- Moses & The Burning Bush - First Baptist Church of Peoria

The God Who Rescues Exodus 3:1-6 This season of Lent we will be exploring the nature of God as a rescuer. That divine characteristic can be seen in God’s earliest interactions with humanity, such as the time Moses stumbled upon a burning bush that never seemed to actually burn.

February 24, 2019: “The Start of Something Big”

Abraham And The 3 Strangers - First Baptist Church of Peoria

The Start of Something Big When Abraham encountered the three strangers, he couldn’t have known how much his life would change. Most of us don’t see the impact of a moment until many years later. The story of God saving the world was not new, it started a long time ago, and it was the […]