Some 10% Options for Your 2017 Pledge

By Rev. Dr. Rodney Kennedy

Stewardship time again? Yes, that’s right. We once again have the marvelous privilege of making a commitment to support our church for a new year. I am asking you to join me in a 10% commitment to our 2017 budget. Our dream is that we will be able to enlarge our theological, missional, and ministry footprint in the   community. This means that we will need funds to get our story out there in the community, funds to offer programs that attract people to our congregation, and funds that enable us to meet missional needs across our city, region, nation, and world. None of this will be possible without you. We are really counting on you to “step up to the plate” and make a real difference in our church. Here’s how it works. There are three options for you to consider and then choose one.

OPTION ONE: In 2017 I will give a tithe of my net income to FBC Peoria.

OPTION TWO: In 2017 I will increase my annual pledge by 10%. If, for example, my 2016 pledge was $2,000, for 2017 I will pledge $2,200.

OPTION THREE: In 2017 I will give a tithe (10%) of my income for one month during the year. Give an extra gift that equals a tithe of one month of your income. If you had planned to give $1500 to the church, you would add a tithe of one month of your present income to that pledge. For example, if your income is $36,000, one month’s pledge would be $300. That means your pledge would be $1,800 for 2017.

Let us grow our budget by 10% in 2017. We are working to enlarge our ministries, missions, and programs in our community. Your support is essential to these efforts. So please select one of the three 10% options and help us do all we can possibly do for as many people as possible.