A Note from Pastor Jim

Dear Friends,

I want to begin by saying thank you to those of you who gave and continue to give generously to our recent building campaign, “Our Faith, Our Future, Our Time.” We have received well over $50,000 in receipts and pledges to date. Your financial support, along with the pending sale of both houses owned by the church, has enabled us to go forward with the much needed repairs our Trustees highlighted. The air-conditioning units have been replaced. The repairs to the front of the church are currently being done. And the church’s flat roof will be finished by the end of September. These   projects have been a source of concern for quite a while now. I know many of us will rest easier knowing that they are now behind us.

Secondly, I am very excited about an upcoming visit to our church by Taku and Katie Longkumer. The Longkumers are American Baptist missionaries in Northeast India. They will come and share their stories with us on Sunday, October 4th, during and after the worship service. Both are currently involved in training Indian home missionaries to do missionary work in India. Katie trains  missionaries to lead worship and counsel parishioners. Taku works with the mission secretaries of the Council of Baptist Churches in Northeast India to train missionaries. He helps Indian Baptist churches do a better job of supporting their own missionaries. He also provides pastoral care to the missionaries in the field.

The Longkumers will preach the sermon on October 4th, sharing their experiences and helping us understand the challenges facing ABC missionaries today. In addition, they will make a presentation during the Sunday School hour in fellowship hall.  You will have a chance to ask them any questions you might have about their work. Our congregation has a long-standing relationship with the Longkumers. This event is a great opportunity for us to renew that relationship and continue our vital involvement in American Baptist missions. Make sure you put this date on your calendars.

God Bless,
Pastor Jim