A Note from Pastor Jim

Dear Friends,

The Executive Committee and I have agreed to a change in the format of the church bulletin. Currently we pass out a three panel, double sided color bulletin with cover art, announcements, and very complete information on everything taking place during worship. We  intend to continue sharing that amount of information each week, but we think it would be more  effective and more efficient to place a greater share of that information on the screen during worship. We will continue to have bulletins with all of the worship service information and announcements. But they will be smaller. We will also continue to offer a large print version of the bulletin. There is a significant cost and labor savings in not printing the same kind of bulletins. And sharing more information onscreen is really a way to modernize our worship. We are always trying to be more faithful with pledges and offerings. This change will help us do that. Neither the newsletter nor the church e-mails will be affected by this change. Please let us know how you feel about our new  bulletin style. This change is only on a trial basis, and we will re-evaluate the new bulletins at the end of the summer.

Secondly, our region, ABCGRR, will be sending a group of leaders to survey the mission work taking place among the Baptist Federation in Costa Rica. I have spoken with trip organizer and the church leadership and have indicated my interest in being part of our region’s delegation. My purpose in going is twofold. I would like to be more able to share the details of the work of the Costa Rican Baptists with our congregation. In addition to their normal ministries, the Costa Rican Baptists are working with ABC missionaries on empowerment programs for abused women, an infant ministry, and a seminary training program for future church leaders. I would like to be able to share firsthand experiences of these ministries with you. Second, I am laying the groundwork for future mission trips by groups of members from our congregation. There are very exciting mission   opportunities taking place, and I would like to see First Baptist build a working relationship with the Costa Rican Baptists. The dates are Nov. 4-11 of this year. I will be raising money to fund my trip during the summer. I’ll continue to publish more details as I get them. Wishing you all of God’s richest blessings during the upcoming holiday!

 God Bless,
Pastor Jim