Conversations with the Bible – with The Rev. Dr. Rodney Wallace Kennedy

You are invited to a conversation about the Bible readings for next Sunday. At 11:15 a.m., in the Chapel, we will meet for 30 minutes to talk together about the readings of Scripture for the following Sunday. The scripture readings for each Sunday are printed here in the newsletter.

Your task is to read the texts and show up for the conversation. I will be your facilitator, and we will share our ideas about the passages that we have read.

Perhaps you would like to ask, “Dr. Kennedy, why are you asking us to do this?”

To which I respond: “Believing as I do in the power and importance of Scripture, I think we need more ways to have conversations about the Scripture. This is one way to make that happen. Also, I believe that the sermon is an act of the church. St. Paul says we preach. As I listen to you talk about passages of Scripture, you will be providing me with material for the sermon I will preach the next Sunday. The sermon will become a congregational experience.”

Mark your calendars to join us in conversation at 11:15 a.m. in the Chapel.