FBC Grief Support Group

Many in our congregation have felt the loss of a relative or friend in the last several years. The grief we experience is very   individualized. How we feel, our struggles, and what we do during this time is deeply personal. We can share with one another what was helpful during this time. Also, there is no length of time that the grief period takes place—it is a journey. We can learn from each other and support one another.

The Health and Wellness Committee is planning to start a Grief Support Group on Mondays, starting April 4 to May 24 from 6:30 to 8:30 PM (8 sessions). It will be a combination of videos and discussions. The facilitators for this group will be Candy Lacy and Bob Atwater.  Confidentiality on who participates in this group and what is said in the group will be respected.

Also we would like to encourage anyone who would like to gain insight on how to be supportive in helpful ways to those going through the grief process to attend.  Sometimes we don’t know what to say or do that is kind and truly helpful.

If you know someone from outside our church who might like to be part of this support group, please encourage them to join.

Please contact the church office (682-5491) if you want to be part of this group.