Make me to hear joy and gladness. Psalm 51:8

Are you an optimistic, hopeful, enthusiastic Christian? Or are you discouraged, exhausted or both? I hope we can all say that we are hope-filled Christians that are looking forward to new   beginnings and seeking strength and guidance from God, who will lift our spirits and renew our strength. I hope that we can take time to see all the wonderful ways God has blessed us and then share our optimism with others.

Even during a time of transition, as members of First Baptist Church we have a lot to be optimistic about. We are planning new Church programs and events. The Boards of our Church recently held a retreat where twenty-four members worked on future plans and ideas for programming. This summer we are sending eight youths to Quest in Green Lake, Wisconsin. We have a Music Festival weekend planned complete with an outdoor worship service and an all-Church picnic. We have secured wonderful pastors to fill in until an interim is hired. The search committee is complete and has been approved. Dedicated individuals have continued to serve God by working on Rebuilding Together, the annual rummage sale, Wednesday-night dinners, GED child care, gardening, Sunday School, Grief Support Group, an exercise program, MUGS groups, ABW, the men’s group, and many other events that go on each week here at First Baptist.

Please read the newsletter to keep up on all planned events and updates on projects occurring in our Church. It is the goal of each Board to do a better job of communicating in the newsletter, in an effort to keep everyone informed about opportunities for worship, service and fellowship.   Take time to celebrate what God is doing in your life and the life of our Church. Then, share your optimism with others. It only takes a spark to start a fire of joy and gladness. Pass it on!

—Marti Atwater, Moderator