Hard to believe it’s July already but a good time to update you on our Mission Board and provide some general insight to board emphasis areas, note some 2016 results to date and share some opportunities/challenges ahead. Much of this may be common knowledge to many long-time members but for others, new insight. If you have questions about the Mission Board or our areas of emphasis, please let me know.

2016 Accomplishments

  • Rebuilding Together – A work team led by John & Jen Dusek updated a home in South Peoria with some interior and exterior painting, ceiling patching, bathroom floor replacement and exterior tiling around the house perimeter to alleviate basement leaks during heavy rains.
  • Criswell Summer Intern at Friendship House – this is the 27th year that we have funded a scholarship in honor of Garland Criswell. It is used by Friendship House to hire a summer intern to assist in running summer programs for children in the area served by Friendship House.
  • America For Christ – $ 1,832
  • One Great Hour of Sharing – $ 1,986
  • Hines School – as a designated Adopt-a-School we provide volunteer tutoring and school supplies. We thank Karen Pilgrim for Hines coordination efforts the past several years. She’s taking a well-earned break as she starts a new career in the   insurance business, so we’re looking for a new point of contact to work with Hines School going forward. Let me know if you are interested. We’ll soon be collecting school supplies for 2016/2017 school year – a list of needs will be at the Visitor Center and on the Mission bulletin boards soon.
  • Childcare supporting Spanish GED classes that are hosted at First Baptist Church on Wednesday evenings. Our church provides space for weekly classes aimed at preparing Spanish speaking residents for GED testing. Karen Stroemer         coordinates lining up child care for children of those attending the GED classes. Without the convenience of this child care being provided in the same location as the class, many adults would be unable to participate in these class offerings and thus not be able to complete this important step toward starting a career in the community. Please consider volunteering to assist in this child-care ministry.

These are just a few notable results so far this year – more ahead! I acknowledge and thank my fellow board members, Janet Middleton, Sally Tiessen, Mark Teel and Phil McAlearney, for their efforts serving on the Mission Board. We recently had a     resignation from the board and are looking for someone to backfill that position. Please give prayerful thought to this and let me know if you are interested. Our annual nomination process is also not far away – we’ll need two new members to come on board in 2017 – again, let me know if you are interested.

Through your prayers and the giving of your time, talents and financial support, we can minister to our congregation, our         community and the world so that all may experience the love and grace of God. Thank you!

     Doug Miller, Mission Board Chair