Pastoral Care

During this time of transition it is vital that all members and friends of First Baptist feel cared for and supported. The Executive Committee wants you to know how to access church services during this time. If you have a need for immediate pastoral care, please call the church office.   We have Rev. Jim Vincent from Second Baptist in Peoria and Rev. Jon Dainty from Farmington Baptist who are available to meet with you. If you enter the hospital, please indicate First Baptist Church of Peoria during the admittance paperwork. Our Parish Nurse, Lurene Ladd, will visit you. During her visit, let Lurene know if you desire a pastor to visit you during your hospital stay.

Our nursing home members will continue to receive monthly visits from members of our congregation. In addition, Pastor Criswell, during the next two months, will be visiting those in the nursing home and serving communion to them. We encourage all members of our congregation to continue to reach out to those who are shut-ins or in nursing homes with cards, calls, visits and prayers.

If you have other needs, please let the church office know so that the Diaconate or others can provide the support you need. May we all feel God’s love and grace as we care for one another.

Marti Atwater, Church Moderator