Nov. 4, 2018: “An Act of True Love”

Call Me Mara Overcoming Bitterness - Story of Ruth and Naomi - First Baptist church of Peoria

Ruth had every reason to abandon Naomi. She could have gone back to her family, to her home town. She could have started over. Ruth chose to stay and exhibit an act of true love. Together we’ll explore the calling of divine love and how it breaks down boundaries.

Oct. 28, 2018: “Jesus Stood Still”

Jesus Heals Blind Beggar - First Baptist Church of Peoria

Luke 18:35-43 What could be so compelling, so important that it would cause Jesus to stop in his tracks on the way to Jerusalem? Apparently a blind beggar. It’s time that we all look around and start seeing the world around us. Chances are there is something worth standing still for!

Oct. 21, 2018: “The Upside-Down Kingdom”

Used Book Store - First Baptist Church of Peoria

Have you ever spent an afternoon shopping at a used bookstore? If so, then you probably got a crick in your neck. The only way to read all those titles is to turn your head sideways. Jesus has this affect as well, turning the world upside down so that you have to flip over to […]

Oct. 14, 2018: “One Last Thing”

EAsier Ffor A Camel To Go Through The Eye Of A Needle - First Baptist Church of Peoria

Gospel of Matthew 19:16–30, the Gospel of Mark 10:17–31 and the Gospel of Luke 18:18–30. The story of the rich young ruler speaks to us all, regardless of our age, social status, or wealth. This man was holding some-thing back, he was holding something higher than the kingdom. Let’s explore what our “one last thing” […]

October 7, 2018: “An Exact Imprint”

a perfect imprint - First Baptist Church of Peoria

On October seventh we will explore what it means when the writer of Hebrews calls Jesus the exact imprint of God. What are the ramifications of Jesus’ ministry for our lives and for the world? Join us on the first Sunday of October and we’ll figure it out together.

Sept. 30, 2018: “Good Grace Hunting”

Eternal Life - First Baptist Church of Peoria

There’s something religious that people seek whether they know they are looking or not. The rich young ruler in our gospel text wanted something more. He even knew to call it “eternal life.” Today’s rich young rulers are a different breed. Stocks and bonds they know, but what is eternal life? IPO’s and portfolios they […]

August 12, 2018: Candidate Sunday

Rev Rob Collins - First Baptist Church - Peoria IL

Please listen to the sermon delivered by our pastoral candidate, Rev. Dr. Robert Collins. There will be a short business meeting following worship on August 19th where a membership vote will be taken.