Visions and Dreams are Happening at FBC Peoria

Have you ever noticed how much goes on in dreams and visions in the Bible? Centuries before psychology was even a thought in the human brain, major events are depicted in the visions and dreams of God’s people. Abraham, Jacob, Elijah, Samuel, the prophets, Daniel, Joseph, old man Zechariah in the Temple, Stephen, Paul the apostle, and many more dreamed great dreams and accomplished wonderful visions. We have always been a people of visions and dreams.

In Joel 2 God announces that old men and women will dream new dreams and see new visions. That is our theme verse for our 2018 Stewardship Campaign: Embrace the Vision. Before making a decision about your 2018 pledge, please spend some time dreaming and visioning about the future of our church. This is an important part of the process of being good stewards. Rather than making this about dollars and cents, let’s make it about visions and dreams. How big of a dream do you have for the future of our congregation? What is your vision for our church?

One of the ways you can really help your church is by investing in our future. This means giving your time and your money. In a world like ours, where TIME IS MONEY, you can give more time in 2018 as part of your pledge. You can help us accomplish our goals by donating a certain number of hours each week to the church.

Over the next two months we will be praying for the Holy Spirit to give us a vision that we can embrace and move us forward into the future with new zeal, dedication, and commitment. We will ask of the Lord a dream that will fill our hearts with gladness and set our minds on fire for ways that we can accomplish those dreams. We will then give the money and the time and the prayers necessary to bring our vision to reality.

This is our moment. The future of First Church is in our dreams and visions.